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why twitterBJPseDarGya is trending on twitter in india |twitter trend

In India after the ruling party BJP, the Congress is the second-largest party. 

Their political arguments are always a trending topic on Twitter.

Today there is another trending topic relatable to the argument of both the largest parties of India which is #twitterBJPseDarGya with 110k tweets.

it is trending because Congress leaders are claiming that their thousands of accounts have been banned by Twitter. Twitter has blocked 5000 accounts as per the Congress party claims

Twitter has blocked also accounts of Congress president Rahul Gandhi which Twitter handle is @rahulgandhi

Congress supporters are claiming that the Congress party leader's account has been blocked due to rising voices against BJP. 

In tweets, the leaders and party members are claiming BJP_

  • Congress leaders are claiming that their accounts are being banned when they are raising their voices against BJP, whenever the voice of opposition is getting stronger towards the ruling party, BJP muzzles their voices. 
  • They also claimed that making a mockery of democracy is the main agenda of the BJP government. Also states that Rahul Gandhi is not an individual it's an ideology that represents the soul and voice of India. And no one can crush this ideology. 

They have stated that social media Giant Twitter that only a puppet can act in the direction of its master and the way Twitter is restricting the accounts of the Congress leaders, it's clearly showing that Twitter is also in support of the BJP government and leaving zero chances to lock the boots of BJP. 

In the Constitution of India, the right to speech is given to every citizen so why it's being restricted for the BJP. 

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