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Why RespectNationalFlag Is Trending On Twitter In India |Twitter Trend

It's a trending hashtag on Twitter today because Indians are spreading awareness on Twitter to stop disrespect of national flags .

Act considered as Insult of the national flag-

  • Use the flag as a toy. 
  • Painted on face.
  •  flag by falling down on the ground. 
  • Use a plastic flag.
  • Printed flags T-shirts. 
  • Printed flag Mask.

People are demanding legal action on websites where they use the national flag on masks, shopping bags, clothes, hair accessories, keychain, and plastic flags in the selling list.

The insult of the national flag is an insult to the revolutionaries who sacrificed their life just to make the tiranga Independently fly in the air. 

It's a harsh reality and punishable offense too that people buy plastic tiranga on national festival occasions and once after the use they threw tiranga on the ground which firstly made an increment in plastic and disrespect to the flag. 

This disrespect of the flag shows the manner and way of treatment to the national flag of the country. 

We commonly see the respect of the national flag waving proudly in the sky during national and cultural events. But we often see when the event is over we see the flag strewn all over the place and ground. 

National flag is not just a flag , it's a country's identity and pride. Flag should be given the same respect as you gave to the country, it's the reflection of the country. 

The way you give respect to the flag is a tribute you are giving to the country. 

This disrespect must be stopped or stop the plastic.


India and the Indian people are all set to welcome the 75th independence day on 15th of August. 

This day marks the end of British rule in our country. The British ruled India for almost 200 years. 

15th of August is a blessing for India and the Indian government. We are able to celebrate this day in terms of various freedom fighters' lives. It's not an important day, it's a return of various sacrifices made by leaders. 

Independence day is significant to the freedom fighters who fought various years for the freedom of the nation. 

This day is recognized as a victory, national pride and honour to them. 

The Prime Minister of India hosts the flag and addresses the country from the red fort every year.

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