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Top 5 reason why bts is so popular Internationally

BTS Army or not there's always a question that comes to everyone's mind Why is BTS so famous worldwide?

So, here I'm mentioning the top 5 interesting reasons behind their popularity which is increasing day by day all over the world.

Who are BTS and How did they start their Journey?

Bangtan Sonyeondan also known as BTS is a seven-member boy band that originated in South Korea. 

There are seven Members in the Band who are known as Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

What does BTS stand for ? 

The Korean Expression for BTS is Bangtan Sonyeondan which also means "Bulletproof Boy Scouts".

 In July 2017,there was an announcement by BTS that their name would also stand for "Beyond the Scene" and would be a part their new brand identity.

The name BTS was selected for the worldwide audience who do not understand Korean. 

After training from a young age, they debuted in the K Pop industry in 2013 under the banner of Hybe corporation a.k.a Big Hit Entertainment. They have since broken multiple records and rocketed to stardom. 

The group started lowkey under a new company label. Still, they made their place in the Industry by making a special connection with their audience by talking about their issues and suffering openly, and encouraging their fans on a path of self-love.

But there are many different reasons which make BTS the most famous Band among Youth, which is as follows.

5 Main Reasons Why BTS is So Popular worldwide?


BTS has developed and maintained a style of "fusion music", emphasizing hip hop as its musical base. The subject of their music focuses more on self-empowerment and social issues. 

They write songs about issues on mental health, loss, bullying, overcoming obstacles, loving yourself, and many topics that their fans can relate to.

Their clean topics and different mentality have made their music stand out and are liked by people worldwide.


BTS youtube account

Surprisingly BTS began their journey through self-promotion via YouTube. Music videos, fan meetings, and interactions through them slowly began to draw the world's attention towards them. While the official Bighit Youtube Channel ( currently HYBE LABELS) has 58.6 Million subscribers, their group Vlog channel BANGTAN TV has 54 million followers right now. The Band has complete control of their account, as they often live-streamed their practices for their loyal fans.

BTS Twitter account  

TWITTER has played an essential part in the success of the Band BTS also. Twitter officially introduced the BTS emoticon due to their massive fan following, which is the only exclusive celebrity Twitter emoticon to exist. Surprisingly despite their fame worldwide, they still do not have individual Twitter accounts. Instead, the group interacts with their fans collectively via their group account.

The main idea behind not creating separate pages and working on a single one was to collect their fans into one place and entertain them to the fullest. This would divert the ARMY in a single direction, making it easier to follow their favourite Band instead of separating.


Without the fans, no band has ever succeeded. Fan following of BTS is spread all around the world. People of all age groups are influenced by the Band and are following them. The official fan club was formed on July 9th, 2013, exactly a month after their debut.

The Fans of the Band are referred to as ARMY. It stands for (Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth ) because they are together and loyal to the Band.

They are the ones who help the Band to break multiple records, ensuring that their idols remain at the top.

Their Fans support them and ensure the delusion of any hatred which is shown for the Band.


The members of the Band are also in Limelight separately due to their unique habits and personalities.

The Band members are all of the different Age groups and are often highlighted because of it.

  • V, one of the vocalists and producers of BTS, was also named the Most Handsome Man in the World 2020. He coined the term "I Purple You", which was also officially introduced in the Oxford English dictionary as new terminology.

  • RM is one of the most respected rappers of Korea who rose to fame as an Underground rapper long before his debut as a member of BTS. He is also one of the youngest official members of the Korean Music Association, which is yet another massive achievement for a Korean.

  • Suga is one of the fastest rappers in Korea who often collabs with other talented singers worldwide. He was the first BTS member to become the official member of KOMCA.

  • J-Hope was an award-winning national street dancer before entering BTS as a sub-vocalist and rapper. As dance leader of The Band, he is among the top 5 best dancers of all time in Kpop history.

  • Jimin was the top student of Contemporary Arts in his school before being officially recruited by Bighit Entertainment.

  • Jin, often known as Worldwide Handsome, was a student at the second-best University of South Korea when he was seen getting off the bus by a casting member and asked to join BTS.

  • Jungkook, the youngest member of the Band, is an all-rounder who is one of the biggest twitter celebs of all time. He has his studio named Golden Closet Films, where he creates numerous unofficial music videos.


Talent is an inbuilt quality. It plays a significant role in the success of any band or set of Artists.

The Band members of BTS have different talents and skill sets; for instance, some can rap in English and Korean.

Others can dance well. This mixture of Talents set them apart from everyone and increased their popularity.

  • JIMIN has an excellent command of his vocals. He has a sharp voice that allows him to hit high notes and low notes with equal beauty.

  • JIN connects everything in general and bonds the Band into a tightly knit family.

  • JUNGKOOK can dance fast and has one of the most stable and synchronized voices while dancing. He is also an extremely talented painter.

  • V is a well known minimalist photographer. He often posts the self clicked pictures under the title of VANTE.

  • RM, with an IQ of 148, is one of the most intelligent people in South Korea.

  • Suga is known for writing at least 100 songs a year and collaborating for 100 or more songs with other artists.

  • The sunshine and ray of positivity, J-Hope often releases dance tutorial videos under the Name of Hope on the Street. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. which song made BTS famous worldwide?

A. There's not one single song that makes BTS famous worldwide. But we can say that the song which is based on social issues is the biggest reason which made BTS famous Internationally. They worked so hard for 3 years under Hybe corporation before debut in 2013 and gave a number of songs  continuously based on social issues, which breaked multiple records. 

Q. when did BTS become popular in India?

A. It’s very difficult to mention the exact year but lockdown played a big role to attract new audiences in India but the craze of BTS is increasing day by day especially in Indian girls due to their dancing talent, looks, vocals and cuteness. There's still many people in India who are not aware of kpop. 

Q. How did BTS become famous worldwide?

A. The main reason behind their popularity is the subject of their music. They inspire many people all over the world.

Q. In Which country is BTS most popular?

A. Philippines

Q. When did BTS become internationally famous ?

A. BTS gained popularity worldwide after the western Audience started taking interest in their music culture and when the BTS released their first Album in the English Language .

Q. When did Kpop become popular worldwide?

A. Because of BTS and BLACKPINK bands and their unique members k-pop has become popular all over the world.

Q. Are other kpop idols jealous of BTS?

A. Jealousy can be a strong word,but they indeed are inspiring for other kpop bands. There is no word of hate among any of the kpop bands  .

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