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List of Countries where Twitter is banned and the reason behind it

Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service of America which was founded on March 13, 2006. Twitter is a well-known social site among various countries.  where users post their thoughts and raise their digital voice. Twitter has 330 million monthly active users.

There are many countries where several social media are banned including Twitter after the government ordered it. 

Countries like Egypt, Turkey, Uganda, Pakistan, and UAE have formerly blocked Twitter temporarily. 

Here is the list of countries where Twitter is banned with the reason why govt banned it -

China (Banned in 2009 )

About China: China, a country in East Asia, is known as the largest manufacturer's hub. 

When and which social sites are blocked in China? 

In 2019, Twitter was officially blocked in the country. Anyone who was attempting to access Twitter there will immediately receive an error page. 

China has blocked thousands of websites which include some famous websites and apps like, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

Three main reasons for blocking Twitter in China is :-

  • To maintain domestic stability in the country. 
  • Take share in the internet business. 
  • National Safety, the Chinese government wants their country to be safe from false information and wrong content, and fake news on social media. 

China government after banning Twitter? 

When a question arises to the Chinese government regarding the blocking of apps, they normally reply that these websites are harmful to their youth. 

Strict action was taken by the China government for using Twitter? 

In China approx 50 people, as per reports of Washington Post in 2019. State security officials visited some users in China to send them to prison in the last three years by China authorities for using Twitter. 

The alternative app used in China- 

For Twitter - Sina Weibo

For YouTube - Youku

And for WhatsApp - WeChat

2. Iran( Banned in 2009)

Iran is a country in the east middle. Officially it is an Islamic Republic country situated on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan with a population of 83 million. This is known as the second-largest country in the East and the largest city in the Middle East.

Why has Iran banned Twitter? 

The government of Iran blocked Twitter in 2009 during the presidential election. The reason states that they are banned for security purposes. But, it's showing there that they are banned due to fear of protest in the election. 

North Korea ( Banned in 2016 )

About North Korea: North Korea is a Democratic Republic of Korea ( DPRK), located in East Asia. 

Why North Korea banned Twitter?

The reason behind blocking Twitter is in a move underscoring its a concern, Rumours that it is responsible for spreading fake rumors over there online. 

The reason behind the Twitter ban in North Korea? 

Twitter has been banned there due to the concern of the government that twitter spreads offensive content. 

The Korean government originated various policies regarding the outside sources of information to their people. 

What restrictions were implemented for Korean people on Twitter? 

Any person there who tries to access Twitter without permission either would be the visitors there should need to take permission from the government of North Korea or either be subjected to punishment after secretive state posting messages. 

The government of North Korea also banned various social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. So that the government can control the reachability and circulation of information. North Korean rarely have access to foreign websites. 

Turkmenistan (Banned in 2018)

Turkmenistan is a country located in Central Asia, officially the Republic of Turkmenistan. It is a famous country well known for its governmental power and a large number of gas and energy reserves there.

Why has Turkmenistan banned Twitter?

The government of Turkmenistan doesn’t allow its citizens to access foreign websites and applications to spread fake information.

Various social sites banned in Turkmenistan :-

Social sites like Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook all have been restricted there in 2018. 

Countries claim the opposition website and international social networks such as Twitter are often inaccessible. 

Myanmar (banned in 2021)

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a Southeast Asian nation, with a population of 5.4 crores as per the report of the World Bank. 

Why does Myanmar ban Twitter?

When Facebook banned the military government account pages, the Myanmar military ordered to the mobile network provider in their country to block the Facebook-owned platform Instagram and also the Microblogging platform Twitter. The military government claims that these sites are responsible for spreading false rumors and misinformation.

 Nigeria(Banned in 2021)

Nigeria is a country of West Africa. This country has many natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. 

It is the Federal Republic comprising 36 states.  Nigeria is one of the largest countries of Africa with 211 million population, it is the 7th largest country by population. 

Why did Nigeria ban Twitter? 

In 2021, Twitter deleted tweets that were posted by the Nigerian President, then after two days, the Nigerian president took the decision to ban Twitter permanently. 

The government claimed that Twitter was banned as undermining Nigeria's corporate existence and spreading fake news over there that had violent consequences. 

What people are talking about on the Twitter ban, click  #twitterban to read.

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