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Aamir khan and Kiran Roy announced divorce after 15 years

Aamir khan and Kiran Roy announced divorce after 15 years 

 #WeStandWithAamirKhan trending on Twitter because Some fans are supporting their decision by saying that it is their life if they are happy being apart then why should we have any objections. Some are taking it from a different angle, calling Lovejihad and blaming Aamir. 

Aamir khan reply to fans  after announced divorce

 When Aamir Khan and Kiran Roy were asked about their separation she said that they spent their 15 years together happily and also gained a lot of experiences and memories for further upcoming years with full support, love, and trust. 

They also said that their relationship status from being husband and wife would be changed but as co-parents of their son, they are always supportive. They both decided to raise their son in a good environment with the availability of love and care from both of them. Also thanked their family, friends, loved ones for standing with their decision in a supportive way, and also demanded love and blessing from their new life journey. 

 Who is Aamir khan?

Aamir khan ( is an Indian actor, director, filmmaker, and television talk show, host. Though he started his career, he completed his 30 years in the Bollywood film industry with a lot of success and super hit movies, Khan has established himself as one of the best actors in the Bollywood industry, he was well known for his acting and conversational career.

Aamir khan’s second marriage 

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao met on the sets of Lagaan which was the blockbuster film of 2001. After that, they married in December 2005. In the year 2011, a boy was born to him, whom he named Azad Rao Khan. According to the statement given by both of them, they accepted that they both are fully responsible for their son's future. 

Aamir Khan and Kiran Roy decided to take divorce after 15 years of their marriage issued on  July 3, 2021, the officially when asking for such a huge decision after completing 15 years together then in the description of their divorce they said that it's not an ending of their relationship, they remained devoted parents for their son Azad. 

Aamir khan’s first marriage 

It's been a Roastful moment for Aamir khan, as earlier when he got married to Reena Dutta in 1986, then after 15 years, he got divorced from Reena Dutta. Aamir Khan was asked several times about her divorce to Dutta but every time he clearly refuses the question but once in an interview he talked about his separation from Reena Dutta, about their toughness of being separated from living together for 15 years, it was not a short period, he said about his ex-wife that she was very young when they get married, also called that this was a very special relationship for both of them and also said that she was a very important part of her life.

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