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5 Reasons Why do Politicians Use Twitter more

Did you know who is the most followed person on twitter? 

The highest twitter follower worldwide is a Politician who has been the President of the USA previously, Mr. Barack Obama.

He is also named among the most influential World Leaders due to his following among the people.

He (@obama) is followed by 129 Million People on Twitter, which directly shows that politicians are highly followed and supported on Twitter.

Except for countries where twitter is banned , All countries' politicians use twitter.

There are a number of social media platforms like Instagram ,Facebook and Reddit but why twitter is the first choice for politicians.

Here is the list of 5 reason.

Top 5 reasons why Politicians use Twitter  

1. Digital Presence

Nowadays everything is going digital, making it necessary for politicians to change their ways for public interaction.

If any politician is present on Twitter, they are increasing their connectivity,(follower after that use for election campaign ) and approach among the people using a digital platform.

Digitalization has made it easy for politicians to connect with their supporters and followers easily, by using one click on the computer screen. 

The leaders who are unable to manage social media are also hiring Social Media managers to manage their social media accounts and increase their media presence on twitter .

2. News Updated on twitter  

Do you know 12% of people use Twitter as a news consumption worldwide and this data of the users is increasing day by day.

Many people are getting attracted to the site for news consumption because of the increasing number of news related features of the website .

These features have successfully made the website news friendly, some of these features include :

  • They have begun putting breaking news on the top of the timeline of the user which attracts them to the news section and they read about the breaking news of the hour.

  • Twitter also displays live news broadcasts next to the timeline of the user and this feature also includes current news as stories.

  • What is happening worldwide comes in twitter's most popular feature which is trending topic explore. It play big role in news consumption.

These  have made it easy for Twitter to haracterise itself as a news website rather than a social networking site as these features add the News reading audience to the website.

Politicians are also attracted to the website as Political news is a backbone of news They get news updates from twitter and they are always in the news for some reason or the other.

Politicians also use the new features to spread news ,take part in controversial topics  share their opinions through tweets

 3. Political Campaigns  

Twitter has become a Trending tool for Political and election campaigns.

Politicians use the site  to campaign as well as to influence people to vote for them by posting and tweeting about their Election Agendas and use the different features of Twitter like Hashtags to spread the agenda and ask for votes .The hashtags are in such manner , #vote4xyz , #isupportxyz , #xyzwin . 

Some of the most popular use of the features were seen during the elections through the use of Hashtags like #voteforobama #obamawillwin .

Politicians also use other interesting features of Twitter like Retweeting, sharing and liking the posts which are posted by a certain individual where on the other side Facebook has only the features of posting & sharing.

But despite other features of Twitter ,the Hashtag feature is the one which has caught the eyes of all the politicians  worldwide.

Using the hashtags featured on Twitter politicians spread the Political campaigns to make them reach a huge proportion of people .

When an election takes place anywhere around the world ,there are many hashtags which takes round on Twitter ,some popular hashtags are :  #BLACKLIVESMATTER  #INDIAFIGHTSCORONA 

4. Connect with party members

After making followers, It is a very important task of politicians to motivate party members and support them on the platform . Some important politicians follow their party members who work day and night for the party growth ,Indian PM Narendra Modi and former American President Barack Obama mostly support and follow these type of party members.

Party members who are followed by their leaders , play a key role in spreading and participating in campaigns and to support the politicians when the election arrives.

5. Worldwide leader Connection

Except in some countries where Twitter is banned, every country’s leader has accounts on Twitter , and the politicians can interact with each other on a social level.

Greetings also take place as if any world leader wins any election different  country leaders congratulate them through (tweets) which can be read by anyone worldwide.

If any country faces pandemic, natural disaster like earthquakes, tsunami, landslides and disease so the leaders of other countries stand with the affected country.

They also express grief with the ruling government through tweets and posts dedicated to the cause . 

They also show support towards the country by helping with medical aids and equipment. #covid19 is a great example for it when all country leaders stand together to fight against the killer disease.

They also learn different techniques Like interaction with the public ,hosting of campaigns ,making policies from the worldwide leaders.



A. In Oct 2019, the CEO of Twitter banned all political Ads from the platform , and has also stated the reason for this decision by Tweeting .

“ The decision to stop all political advertising on Twitter globally has been made. The reach for the political messages should be earned, not bought“.

"While internet advertising is incredibly powerful and very effective for commercial advertisers, that power brings significant risks to politics," the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey tweeted.

He believes that a political message should reach people by following an Account and not by paying .

Compromising political opinions on the basis of Money is not a solution for the CEO .

Which has in turn affected the banning of the Advertisements . 

Hillary Clinton who is a former Democratic candidate who lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election of the US also welcomed Twitter's ban and appeared to challenge Facebook to rethink its stance

She showed her approval by tweeting,

This is the right thing to do for democracy in all the countries over the world.

And she also tagged the mega social platform Facebook in her tweet at the end.

What do you say, @Facebook ?


A. Social Media can play a negative role as well as a positive one ,it depends on the people and their way to react on political topics .

Some politicians and parties may use the site to manipulate public opinion by using paid trolls for the promotion of false claims, campaigns, stories and also to bring down the image of the Opposition party . This creates a toxic environment on the site .

But on the other side ,many politicians and parties also spread positivity on the site ,by sharing positive news, tweets ,comments etc.

And they use Twitter for spreading awareness among their followers for different social issues and positive campaigns.

Q. Why is twitter most popular among politicians ?

A. Twitter is a Microblogging site ,which is used for the purpose of thought sharing .

It is widely used by people to share their thoughts and opinions regarding certain topics which are of interest for the common folk .

Everyone on Twitter has a right to voice their opinions and that is why it is also called a Democratic site.

Politicians have an access to speak their mind freely on the site and that is why it is known as a Democratic platform ,as it gives equal opportunity and an open platform to everyone.

Sharing of thoughts ,voicing of opinions can be done easily using this platform so it is a great platform for the Politicians to put their thoughts into .

Today, when running a political campaign, it is necessary to have a social media presence in order to stand out on certain key issues known to voters.

Self promotion is also a key reason why they use the platform as it gives them a wide Audience to interact as well as to communicate their ideas to .

This has been proven to be a good way to be in the Eyes of the People as they get a fair chance to interact and question your ideas.

The site is full of Political opinions and political News which attracts the Audience interested in the subject ,and also takes away the ones who do not want to be exposed with all the Political Updates .

Q. Why is twitter so toxic ?

A. Is Twitter Toxic or not ? This question is asked many times by the people active on the site.

Different people have different opinions when it comes to answering this question .

Some say using Twitter feels like entering into a toxic environment . Do you feel the same ?

Everyone has a  different opinion and also different viewpoints of looking at a particular topic.

They think different political opinions and news make it a battlefield over the Internet and they also avoid the toxicity by not being a part of the website.

But for many people who go on the site to hear out and view news discussions, this site is the best platform. People have different opinions about the site depending on their point of interests.

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