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Why RespectNationalFlag Is Trending On Twitter In India |Twitter Trend

Today there's a new trend on twitter that using plastic flag, flag's print on the t-shirt, painted on face is considered as insult of the national flag


why twitterBJPseDarGya is trending on twitter in india |twitter trend

Today there is another trending topic relatable to the argument of both the largest parties of India which is #twitterBJPseDarGya with 110k tweets. it is tr


Popular twitter trending hashtags of the day in India| trueTN

twitter trending hashtags in india now are 1.SHERSHAHOUTTOMORROW KBC Filmsammaan Part 3.J-Hope RECORD BREAKER 4.CONGRATULATIONS J-Hope 5.bigboss3.


Twitter trending hashtags in india with reason | trueTN

Hashatgs is trending on Twitter :1. Run bts 2.#vlive 3.4M HEARTS ADMIRING SHER ALY 3.#100M OF DIL KO KARAAR AAYA 4.BHUJ 5.OurPrideChangbinDay 6.#TuesdayMotiv


Top 10 Twitter trending hashtags in India with reason |Twitter trend

There are number of hashtags which is trending on twitter in India but some are very popular to know why it is trending . here is the top 10 today twitter


List of Countries where Twitter is banned and the reason behind it

countries where Twitter is banned and their public is using other apps and decreases app marketing in their countries


How to verify twitter account to get blue badge without being famous

There is a verification process to verify a twitter account without being famous, but for famous personalities, it's quite an easy verification process.